**[[http://thinkingmachine.pbwiki.com/Think+Mobile+Phones+for+Learning|Think Mobile Phones for Learning - Karen Montgomery (Rob - This might be all we need!)

The Genie is Out of the Bottle - Karen Montgomery's MITC 2008 Cellphones for Learning Presentation]]

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As audio recorders-Wes Fryer Ohio http://www.isteconnects.org/2009/02/08/cell-phones-as-audio-recorders/
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web 2.0 cool tools for schools

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cooltoolsforschools > Collaborative Tools to drop any files by
phone**, email, web, widget or fax and then share them with whoever you want via http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/Collaborative+Tools -


Airmouse http://mobileairmouse.com/

Skype for Windows Mobile 2.5 Beta , for windows Mobile smartphones http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-10119707-12.html?tag=nl.e415

Thanks to Doug Peterson for sharing this http://dougpete.pbwiki.com/iPod-and-iPhone-in-the-Classroom

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external image photo.jpg

With this post on my blog, I've decided to start to put together a listing of what I think would be an ideal suite of applications for the iPod / iPhone in the classroom. Given pricing and rules about cell phones to hurdle, I'm guessing that the iPod Touch would be the ideal mobile / portable solution. Please consider joining this wiki and contributing your thoughts.

  • Animoto - create a presentation from your pictures
  • Cooliris - search the internet for images in this spectacular application
  • Delicious Bookmarks - access your bookmarks and then visit via Safari
  • Earthscape - another earth explorer with great overlays
  • Google - the Suite - access to all of the Google suite of applications
  • Google Earth - the venerable Earth Exploration application
  • iGCT - your Geocaching Toolkit
  • MiGhtyDocs - edit Google Docs from your iPod / iPhone
  • ResponseWare - Classroom performance system
  • Safari - Apple's web browser (comes pre-installed)
  • Spore LE - the biology simulation
  • Stocks - track stock prices in the Business Education classroom (comes pre-installed)
  • Twittelator - stay connected to Twitter, your frients, your neighbourhood
  • Untangle Lite - logical puzzle
  • Weather - check the weather outside and around the world (comes pre-installed)
  • Wikipanion - dig into the Wikipedia
  • WordWarp - rearrange letters to form words
  • WordPress Plugin - blogging from your iPod / iPhone
  • WordWhirl - rearrange letters to form words
  • WorldWiki - detailed information about any country as you need it

Why don't Flash applications work on the iPod / iPhone? Find out here.

Please consider your favourite application and add it to this list.at http://dougpete.pbwiki.com/iPod-and-iPhone-in-the-Classroom