How can we promote infusion of technology on one hand and ban technology on the other?
CECM Jan 2009

"Who'd wanna carry around a phone with them all day anyway?"
Lieutenant Gene Hunt
Life on Mars (2008)

Time-to-Adoption Horizon: One Year or Less 2009 Horizon Report
The unprecedented evolution of mobiles continues to generate great interest. The idea of a single portable device that can make phone calls, take pictures, record audio and video, store data, music, and movies, and interact with the Internet — all of it — has become so interwoven into our lifestyles that it is now surprising to learn that someone does not carry one. As new devices continue to enter the market, new features and new capabilities are appearing at an accelerated pace. One recent feature — the ability to run third-party applications — represents a fundamental change in the way we regard mobiles and opens the door to myriad uses for education, entertainment, productivity, and social interaction.

86 percent of Japanese high school students read cell phone novels. (Source: //Teleread and Japan Today//)
From Factoid of the Day - Dan Pink

"The cell phone can be used for almost everything, except making love." -Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group

Are you using cellphones in your schools?
Only marginally. In most places, they are not allowed.
Greater Essex county, Windsor Ontario

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From Jerry Vaughn:(Jerry Vaughn, Superintendent, Floydada ISD, TX) from March 2009

Empowering 21st Century Superintendents to Achieve a Culture of Transformation through Technology

Our district has come to realize we have lost the cell phone battle
- next year we will not fight it
- night school at our high school (Floydada ISD) has become something kids ask for and want (they want our connectivity)
- we are low SES, and 27 of 28 students in our night school had cell phones with unlimited text messaging
- we are looking at replacing response systems with cell phones and websites which use text messaging

"Fast forward 10 years.....We expect eventually, that the majority of uses of the internet will be on mobile phones"
Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google