Get the word out to colleagues
Told everyone in the office I was doing this
resulted in emails, links etc. everyone was on the lookout for Cellphone info

Ordered books/Magazines

Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education (Paperback)

by Liz Kolb (Author)
Grown up digital - Dan Tapscott
Made to Stick -Dan and Chip Heath
Planet Google - Randall Stross
Wired Magazine

Collaborated with John Evans
using diigo ( social bookmarks - tagged "cellphones"
Literacy with ICT group daily update

Twitter -obtained a twitter account (
followed Liz Kolb , Dean Shareski, and others

Skype contacts
Nathan Kerr -New Zealand
Liz Stevenson -New Zealand
Dean Shareski - Moose Jaw, Sask

Wiki development (

Blogtalk RAdio - LIz Kolb

Online professional learning AACE - Spaces of Interaction: *
An Online Conversation on Improving Traditional Conferences
introduced to contacts
Tony Karrer
Michelle Lentz,
Alec Couros,
Dave Cormier
George Siemens

Joined blogs read thru bloglines

Learned prezi software (

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